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Screen Printing

Effective March15, 2022


Specifications of certain jobs may require price adjustments.



  • Set up charge: Less than 48 pieces per design - $25 per color.

  • Prints down sleeve or leg - .25 per unit.

  • Fleece - .10 per unit.

  • Less than 24 units - priced upon request.

  • Color changes: $25 per location.

  • Specialty inks / neon inks / metallic inks - .50 per color / per location.

  • Bags: .25 per location. Some bags can be more. Call for a quote.

  • Polybag: T-Shirt - .40 per unit / Fleece - .50 per unit.

Drop ships & sorting fees:
For orders that need to be separated by size to different locations - .20 per unit with minimum $5 per box in addition to $8 drop ship fee per location.


Spoilage: we allow for 2% damage, (4% darks). We will credit for any spoilage in excess of one piece or 2% ( 4% darks) - whichever greater.
If you require exact amount of finished product, you must provide us with extra items per size, we are not responsible to re-print damages 2% damage, (4% darks) or below.

Please note: We will not be responsible for items left here for over 30 days.

Dont see what your looking for?

Contact us to modify any Bag or Accessory to your clients needs.

Phone 201 422 0050

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